Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's a Miracle!

I haven’t fully grasped what really happened yesterday. I was so focused on just seeing Noel when surgery was done, making sure she was ok, talking with my little girl; that the reality of how much life changed yesterday did not fully sink in. Truth is I still think it will take a while for me to grasp the miracle that took place in the operating room. I think sometimes we think of miracles as something that happens in seconds, when in reality it’s something that happens over time; when God takes the impossible and makes it possible. Before yesterday Noel’s life was definitely limited, every day she was getting worse, her organs were slowly getting crushed, her health was in jeopardy. Walking was not her number one goal in life, just being able to get out of bed each day became the goal. Now today as I look at my precious girl, asleep and free of pain for the moment, I think about her life… That she has the chance to live! Her days are not number by her poor health now. She has the potential to live a full and “normal” life (obviously the word normal is pretty subjective I just mean a life where she has the opportunity to be who God created her to be.) I would love if this surgery made it possible for Noel to walk and dance, but the truth is you can have a full life in a wheelchair. I know God has a plan to heal Noel completely, but I don’t want the events of yesterday to be overshadowed by the presence of a wheelchair in Noel’s life. God made a way for a miracle yesterday and I know it. Noel is healed!! And she will only continue to improve and accomplish more milestones! She will stand and I believe she will Walk!! I am in awe of the extravagant Love that God has for me, Noel and all of us! He loves us! He has a plan for healing and good and not for harm. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything we can think imagine or dream!

We still haven’t heard Noel’s voice, but she has a lot of swelling in her throat still, I also think she needs to retrain herself to talk through her vocal cords; she has whispered her whole life and when you whisper you don’t use your vocal cords. So keep praying for that, I still believe that she is healed! Continue to pray for less pain and no infection. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.