Friday, August 7, 2009

"Super" Infection

Noel is back in the hospital, she was discharged on Tuesday afternoon and was back in the hospital on Wednesday night at 11:00. We finally have some answers; to start with she has adenovirus, which is a respiratory virus that can also cause other complications. Noel is suffering from some of those complications, her intestines have shut down and she's had a lot of discomfort, she's on day 8 of fevers and she's dehydrated. The doctors think she has adenovirus on top of somethings else, they just don't know what else yet. She has been anemic for a while now, (since March) and that is also concerning because they've had to take a large amount of blood for all the cultures. She'll probably end up getting another blood transfusion to help get her iron levels up again. All in all she's one sick little girl; I haven't seen her look this bad ever. Unfortunately since it's a virus all we can do is treat the symptoms and wait for it run it's course. Poor girl I wish I could make her feel better and I wish she didn't have to go through all of this, it's so hard seeing your little girl so sick.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back in the Hospital

Noel's been in the PICU for a couple days, she was admitted with high fevers; 103 for two days. They have cultured everything they can and so far nothing is growing and there is nothing to explain the fevers. Noel and I are so over this in-and-out of the hospital every couple of weeks... it gets so wearing. Please pray hard for Noel to start tolerating food in her stomach; if she didn't have a central line for her TPN we wouldn't have to be in the hospital so much. That's the new goal and plan.... food through Noel's tummy. God has been showing me so much through this last hospital episode that I need to give my trust and faith back to Him, I've started listening too much to "the doctors" and I've forgotten to listen to myself; sure they know a lot but they don't know everything and especially when it comes to Noel, they're not the experts I am. So please pray for her... maybe every time you eat you'll think of Noel and remember to pray for her tummy to be healed! Thank so much for all your love and support,