Monday, March 11, 2013


The Lord gently reminded me this weekend about His amazing Grace! I don’t have to fear the future; the what if’s and the unknown’s about Noel and if the surgery will “work;” I don’t even have to fear the 10 days I’ve been worried about because His Grace will be there with me. When we look at situations in our lives some things seem pretty scary and unknown, especially when we look at them through the prospective of our natural circumstances. But when we fix our eyes upon Heaven’s realities and the simple fact that God’s Grace is sufficient in ALL things than we can have complete Peace. I guess I’ve forgotten what our other hospitalization have been like, I’ve remembered the stress and worry, but forgotten the crazy grace that filled every moment of every step making it all possible. I hope you can remember this today, in all things His Grace is sufficient. Don’t look at the things in your life and fear the future; His Grace isn’t in the future, His Grace is right now. And when the unknowns of the future come, His Grace will be sufficient in those places. I hope today you can be filled with His Amazing Grace and that it brings you complete Peace.



Serena Abdelaziz said...

I know that sometimes we preach ourselves into an encouraged position. I think it's the way strong people deal with situations. You are an amazing woman. I will pray that His amazing grace continues to surround you and overwhelms you. Love ya!

Erin hunter said...

Tina ive not met you or noel yet but im encoraged by your words. I am praying for noels speedy pain free recovery.,
Grace and peace to you, Erin Hunter, Rileys mom