Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfulness and Hope…

Wow there's so much to update you on. Let me start with the best news first, it has been 1 year and 2 months since Noel has been sick and in a Hospital!! Praise the Lord! I'm so thankful for this year of life outside of the walls of a Hospital; for swimming this summer instead of I.V.'s for camping instead of X-rays for Joy instead of tears! For the most part she is doing great! And in some other very exciting news; we are buying a house that is wheelchair accessible. When we first moved into our rental house a year ago Noel was walking; sadly because of her Scoliosis she has lost the ability to walk for now and she uses an electric wheel chair full time. Obliviously we had no idea that in a years' time we would need a house with ramps and wider doorways; but God did. We are set to move sometime in December. Our Landlords have graciously let us got out of our lease early and I would ask you to pray for someone to rent their house quickly. Noel received a Make a Wish trip in May which she wished to go to Disney World; the happiest place on earth! We all had an amazing time; make a wish is such an amazing organization that really treats the whole family like royalty. Noel is in Kindergarten! I can't believe she'll be six years old this month, where did the time go?
So on to some needs we have; first and foremost we need prayer. Every prayer prayed for Noel takes her one step closer to her complete healing. Noel will have an appointment on November 27th to see if she's a candidate to get VEPTR Rods which could stop and even fix her scoliosis. It would be a major surgery with several follow up surgeries, but this could give her so much life back. She also has an appointment to see an Ears Nose and Throat Doctor to look at her vocal cords; Noel has never been able to talk louder than a whisper and up until now the doctors always attributed it to her Muscular Dystrophy, but I think they're may be something wrong with her vocal cords and there may be something they can do to fix them. I am so hopeful that these two appointments could be the bridge to her healing! The other thing we need prayer for is the finances to buy a wheelchair stair lift for our new house. We are so excited that the house is already wheelchair accessible, the only part that isn't accessible it the basement. We want Noel to have complete freedom in our home, we want her to be able to get to every room of the house; it's a pretty simple request that our daughter can live and play in her own home. The problem is that a wheelchair lift is expensive; I was quoted a price of $17,000. Wow! Only a small chunk of change, right? It's really disheartening that things that give people freedom and mobility can be so expensive. From what I know insurance will not pay for something like this. I know that God is bigger than the money; I know that God has given us this home and I know that he has a way for us to give the gift of freedom to Noel. Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers and I will update you on the results of her appointments.