Friday, May 14, 2010


We have had so many changes in the past few months. We moved into our new home in March, it's so perfect for us, we have a park just a few feet from our drive way. We have also gotten really involved in our church and we've started having a small group meet at our house. It's been fun to meet lots of new people. Noel is doing great! She has been taking some steps on her own, praise the Lord!! She is growing into such an amazing little girl; as I type right now she's sitting here saying, "mommy I love you sooooo much!" What a joy. Lilly and Landen are doing great too. They are truly blessing and the joy of my life! Lily will be in Kindergarten next year and Noel and Landen will be going to pre-school; they'll all be going to a private Christian school. And my wonderful husband Dustin is just as awesome as ever. He is truly my best friend and my helper. He has taken on so much with Noel and he has done an amazing job! We are all looking forward to lot's of fun in the sun this summer. I hope to keep you all updated with pictures.